Wednesday, May 26, 2021

SOLD: Crowdstrike (My maiden USA stock)

 Sold 55 shares of Crowdstrike on 26 May at USD224.50.

Total profit USD2196.02 (21.6%) in 12 days.

Reason for selling:

1) Lock in profit

Crowdstrike is still a very wonderful company with very high potential.

Selling purely due to lock in profit since releasing financial result on 3rd June. 

Price could go either way depending on if the result meet the estimated target.

Will keep Crowdstrike in my watchlist and buy again when price is right.


Have been buying only stocks in SGX since 2013 due to home bias and POEMS broker. 

Thanks to Tiger broker (low oversea fees), I bought my maiden Hong Kong stock in Jan 2021 (Fortune REIT) and obtain 16% gain in 4 months (Link). 

Venture out to USA stock this month and obtain 21.6% in 12 days (Also bought Alibaba just few days ago Link).

Most likely I will be reducing my stocks in SGX and explore more into HK / USA.

If you are in similar situation as me or still hesitating, highly recommend you to try out Tiger Brokers using my QR code above or click on this link:

Tiger broker is giving new sign up user 1 x Starbucks share + 60 commission free trades + 500 Tiger coins if you makes an initial deposit of at least 2000 SGD or equivalent currency.

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