Saturday, February 13, 2021

How to Play Smart (Earn more) for DBS/POSB's #HuntYourZodiac


#HuntYourZodiac event is happening from 10 - 14 Feb 2021.

With less than 26 hours left, how can you earn your extra free bubble tea from #HuntYourZodiac Ang Bao by maximizing your time and effort.

Challenges is hard to complete.

Not to mention the amount of money reward for completing it is not worth it.

For example: I completed "The 12 Zodiacs" challenges.

Want to make a guess how much I got?

It only a miserable $1.88 angbao

It is fun to play together with your family members and friends during this CNY.

Aside from the bonding time spent together, the most worth (in term of effort + time) is to hunt for Zodiac with Angbao.

12 Zodiac x $1.08 = $12.96
Enough to buy 2-3 cups of bubble teas

What is required to achieve 12 / 12 Zodiac given less than 26 hours before game end?

1) Have enough "Summon Orange"

You need this Orange to call out your missing Zodiac you need.

Based on my experience, your missing Zodiac will appear latest by the 6th Gate if you use the Summon Orange

2) How to get "Summon Orange"?

There are a few ways to get the Oranges.

For myself, I just do $1 Grabpay QR code topup via DBS paylah apps.

Unlike GooglePay (#everyonelookingforBBLOH), you can do this $1 Grabpay QR topup as many times you like. 

Each topup will count as 1 transaction which you can exchange for 1 Orange.


3) Take bus / MRT

The fastest + cheapest + easiest way to pass by many gates is to take Bus / MRT. 

The more gate you pass by within the shortest period, the higher the chance you have.

4) Catch only your missing Zodiac

Stick to your objective.

You don't want to waste time catching those Zodiac which you already had redeemed the angpao.

Play smart by catching those missing Zodiac.

Click on exit at top right corner if it is not the Zodiac you are looking for.

5) Look for any angpao shape before you spend next 20 secs catching it

This is not an easy task as you need to have eagle eye (except snake which is super obvious). 

No worries if you cant as this is an optional requirement.

Once #HuntYourZodiac is completed, you can play the next most trending game in GooglePay "Huat pals" if you have not started it yet (BB LOH BBLOH)

If you do not have GooglePay account, my signup code here will earn you $3 signup bonus (Link)

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