Thursday, December 24, 2020

(i) Santa Google giving $8 cash bonus & (ii) Santa CPF giving $5 grabfood voucher


Easy money from Google Pay. 

            Each scratch card will give you up to $10 cash bonus.

Got $26.72 cash rewards for just 15 mins of "work" (Enough for me to buy 4 cups of bubble teas!!!)

1) Sign up $8 referral bonus via my signup code here

2) Transfer min $10ea to my 3 friends (Of course they will transfer me back the $10 so that everyone can get a scratch card $$)

1 transfer will get you one scratch card.....

3) Top up $3 Grabpay 


There are many other ways to earn scratch card such as: 

Beside Google Pay, Santa CPF is also giving away $5 grabfood voucher.

Click here to see my previous post on this.

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