Saturday, January 12, 2019

Did you pass the Dec 2018 market turbulence test??

For those fortunate or not old enough to experience the last bear market 10 years ago, what were your feeling during last month financial market turbulence?

As usual, our STI nearly reach 3000 points too when our big brothers caught a flu.

Dec 2018 is a MINI TEST for us to see how prepare we are, what our reaction, what action we took and what our feeling are if the real bear really come.

Now, try to recall back on your reaction, action and feeling.
1) Did you really go according to your PLAN to buy at the target price you set OR you timid out?
2) Did you panic sell off a stock?
3) Did the market turbulence affected your sleep quanlity?
5) Did you keep checking the price of your stocks?
6) Did you feel stress/depressed when your paper loss is getting bigger and bigger?
7) Did your work / holiday got affected by the market turbulence?

Do you think you are suitable to remain in stock market OR Singapore Saving Bonds and Fixed Deposit is more suitable?

ARE YOU READY for the bear market if it come visit us after 10+years?


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    1. Great.. I read and learnt alot from your posts many years back. Thanks for your knowledge sharing :)