Friday, February 9, 2018

SOLD: AIMS AMP Capital Industrial

Sold my 20,000 shares of AIMS AMP REIT on 6th Feb at $1.33
Total loss of $1185.59 (4.3%) in 7 days.

Reasons for selling it:
US stock first dropped 1+% on 3rd Feb (SGT) and dropped another 4.6% on 6th Feb (SGT).
6th Feb is the biggest decline since August 2011, during the European debt crisis.

Seeing such a big drop within few days span, it lead me to fear that "Crash is coming".

I quickly punch into my calculator to have a feel on the price will be like if (5th Feb close pricing) $1.34 - 5% (simulate the same drop in % as the US stock market) and I got $1.27.

20,000 shares x ($1.27 - $1.38) = -$2,200


20,000 shares x ($1.33 - $1.38) = -$1,000

Thus, I went to sell my AA Reit at $1.33 thinking to have a stop-loss in case it really dropped 5%.

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