Thursday, December 21, 2017

SOLD: Raffles Medical Group & ADDED: Singtel

Sold my 13,000 shares of RMG on 21st Dec at $1.10
Total profit of $423.87 in 9 days (See post here)

Reasons for selling so fast are:
1) To raise funds to buy Singtel due to Singtel price had dropped all the way down to $3.57 after XD.
2) Based on the Market depth, high sell volume at 1.12 & 1.13 (Price ceiling)

Bought 4,000 shares of Singtel on 21st Dec at $3.57
This bring my total holding of Singtel shares from existing 4,000 shares to 8,000 shares.

Reasons for buying Singtel:
1) After XD, price have been dropping for a few days all the way down to reach $3.57 currently
2) Singtel at 52w low
3) Singtel 5 years chart
4) Based on Market Depth, strong buy volume at 3.55 - 3.56 
5) Same reasons why purchased Singtel earlier on (See post here

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