Saturday, November 11, 2017

Performance appraisal of my 2017 portfolio

We are nearing to the end of 2017 and the word 'Performance appraisal' should be familiar to the majority of working workforce.

My KPI for 2017 is to achieve minimally $3,985 of dividends (See post).

On 1st Jan 2017, I did an estimating with my current portfolio to see if I could totally not do anything to my portfolio in 2017, will I still be able to meet my KPI of $3,985 of dividends by end of 2017? The answer is NO (See post).

With that, the below table shows the changes I made

Parkway Life REIT released its Q3 result on 9th Nov and declared 3.37 cents of dividends, payable on 8th Dec 2017.
This will be my last dividend amount of $235.90 for 2017.

Singtel also released its Q2 result on 9th Nov and declared 9.8 cents of dividend, payable on Jan 2018. Thus, I will not be including this $392 toward my 2017 dividend amount as I will only receive the cash in 2018.

Total Dividend received in 2017: S$4116.70
Achieved my KPI for 2017

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