Monday, July 31, 2017

Summary of my portfolio - Jun & Jul 2017

No. Counters No. of Shares
1 CapitaMall Trust 16,500
2 Keppel Corp 3,100
3 Parkway Life REIT 7,000
4 Singtel 4,000
5 Vicom 2,000

Quick summary:

  • Added: Bought 4,000 shares of Singtel on 5th Jun at $3.82
  • Bought mainly due to the launch of NetLink Trust IPO & upcoming dividend 10.7cents in Aug which I believe will push the stock price higher due to this 2 factors.

  • Contra: Bought 100,000 shares of Q&M at $0.655 on 9th Jun and sold off at $0.665 on that day 
  • Profit of $134.17 for FIFO in 1 days - 0.2% Profit 
  • Contra: Short Sell 100,000 shares of Q&M at $0.67 on 22nd Jun and bought at $0.6778 on that day 
  • Loss of $1154.97 for FIFO in 1 days - 1.7% Loss 
  • Lesson learnt: First time trying Short Sell and pay an expensive lesson fees for it :(
  • Although $1000+  might not seem to be huge amount to some, but that amount almost equal to my whole Q2 dividend collected *ouch x 10*
  • Added: Bought 500 shares of Keppel Corp on 21st Jun at $6.19
  • Bought mainly due to average down my Kep Corp price, O&G might be near bottom and Kep Corp have property sector to act as buffer while waiting for O&G to recover
Power of Dividend =)
  • $248 of Keppel dividend declared on 20th Jul (8 cents/share)
  • $453.75 of CapitaMall Trust dividend declared on 21st Jul (2.75cents/share)
  • $232.40 of Parkway Life REIT dividend declared on 25th Jul (3.32cents/share)


  1. Well done! Ur portfolio is growing nicely!^^

    1. Thank you.. Comparing to yours, still a long way for me to catch up with you ;)