Saturday, January 21, 2017

Life as a 1 week Uber driver during company forced leave (Part 2)

This is the second and final part of the post - "Life as a 1 week Uber driver during company forced leave"
Click here to read Part 1 if you have not done so.

Are you all ready for the Numbers?

The length of Singapore from West to East is around 50km.

For the 7 days, I had clocked:
43hours and 41mins on the road (Average 6.25hours per day)
Mileage: 1077KM (Average 154km per day)
60 Uber trips (Average 8.6 trips per day)

This mean I had drive from one end of Singapore to the other end 22 times.

My take home pay for the 7 days is S$1048
This work out to be around $23.80/hr of salary

Sounds good??
HOLD ON first.
Let me show you the breakdown because as a new Uber driver, I have additional new joiner incentive.
So let take off these new joiner incentive and see how it is like

  Take home pay:    $1048
- Referral:               $100
- $1 for $1 match:   $200 (Cap at $200) 
- Smove car rental: $442 (First week free rental)

My take home pay, without all the new joiner incentive, will drop to S$306
This work out to be around $7/hr of salary

However, if you drive during both the peak hours (6am - 10am & 6pm to 11pm) where there is fare surge, you can definitely earn double my amount or more.

1) If you have a full time job (5 days 9-5 without/little OT) earning above $2500/mth, I don't think Uber is suitable to do full time unless you willing to have a paycut (Not to mention no employer CPF contribution, no MC, no leave, no benefit, no AWS and no bonus)
2) If solely based on normal Uber fare, Uber driver wont be able to survive. It is the incentive and surge during the peak hours that is attractive.
3) Having to say that, full time Uber driver normally will start driving from 6am to 11am, go back home sleep and come out to drive again from 5pm to 11pm (11 working hours)
4) Beside the no employer CPF contribution, no MC, no leave, no benefit, no AWS and no bonus, Uber driver also is of higher risk compare to office worker such as possible car accidents and traffic fine ($$$$$$).
5) I feel it is bad for health too as drivers need to hold their bladders quite frequently
6) Driving Uber is good for those who tender without a job or do it part time during their free hours to earn extra income
7) If you have at least 2 days of annual leave to spare, you can consider driving Uber for few days to take advantages of the new joiner incentive. Drop me an email to if you would like to have $100 sign up bonus (subject to changes from Uber) + tips for new Uber driver.



  1. $7 per hr? so little! I thought that it would be more than that!

  2. As I am using smoove which is hourly rental, therefore, my cost will be higher compare to those rent monthly or using own car.
    I had also found an interesting article online -