Sunday, May 22, 2016

YOLO @ Montigo Batam

Just back from a weekend getaway - Montigo @ Batam

Map of Montigo Resort

Can you spot MBS??

Anyone wish to buy a unit there?

Montigo was only launched in 2012, but the condition was not well maintain.
  1. Diff paint patches (diff tone of colour) on the wall
  2. You can see stains everywhere in the villa (Floor tile, Pillow case, bed, bath tub and etc)
  3. Foosball was rusty and broken
  4. 2 x darts board (Non-electronic) with many many many darts hole
  5. Table tennis without table tennis ball -.-'''
As this is not a complain/feedback post, therefore, I wont continue to list down anymore >.<

Overall, I would say its not worth to pay SGD600/night/villa due to its poor maintenance & housekeeping. The only +++ points are the villa was huge (3 storey high) and have individual swimming pool in each villa.

Some tips/advice if you would like to visit (YOLO) in Montigo:
1) Montigo is around 35mins drive away from the Ferry Terminal where the nearest shopping mall is. It cost average SGD20 for a 1 way taxi drive. So, please don't plan any shopping activity/places outside Montigo
2) As this is a 5 star resort, so all the activities & food in Montigo is also 5 star pricing. Will advice you all to buy some tidbits/snacks/alcohol/plain water and whatever food & beverage you would like to have at the shopping mall next to the ferry terminal
3) Bring your own games/card activity as it will be super boring if you do not wish to pay (5 star pricing) for any activity
4) For sea activity, even if you are willing to pay for 5 star pricing, you also might not get to play as all sea activities are suspended when it is low-tide
5) I feel there is no point to book for the highest villa (Highest being more expensive) high up in the hill as the view make not much diff


  1. Thanks for the review.

    Was looking at this one sometime back.

  2. Thanks for the review.

    Was looking at this one sometime back.